It’s your story to tell

In creating the musical Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda transformed historical documents into powerful art that challenges our understanding of the past and present. You can do the same.


Start by exploring our teacher and student guides. Visit our research library to find a person, event, or document from early US history that speaks to you. Unleash your creativity in song, poetry, or performance. Share the story that you’ve brought to life.


Students will

  • Discover and nurture their creativity
  • Explore history through different peoples’ stories
  • Develop literacy strategies for reading complex texts
  • Analyze primary sources and then compare them with Hamilton song lyrics
  • Understand the relevance of the founding era

Welcome to the Hamilton Education Program which is free and open to students grades 6-12 anywhere, whether learning at home with their family or under the supervision of a teacher at school. Please register or log in to access the content.

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